Company profile

Through a simple reflection to a brilliant initiative followed by a successful implementation. PLATINUM POWER ENTERPRISES was launched and victoriously participated in the competitive world of steel pole industry

The company started april 2004 as the newest, most aggressive and vibrant entrant in the delivery and supply of distribution and transmission steel poles. Street lighting poles and other engineered products. It was chosen. As an affiliate, upstart, yet very promising and potential company based here in the Philippines by JIN LEI POLES CO. , LTD a foreign company located in mainland China specializing in the steel pole manufacturing, street lighting, large advertising billboards and other allied steel products

Within the year 2005, the company found WUXI LUQU STEEL POLES Mfg. CO., LTD a foreign supplier based also in China who helped them to supply the growing demands of their products. Having access to two of the well-known and leading manufacturers of steel poles in China, the company was able to effectively and efficiently supply and meet all their customers demands.

After a year of success operation and inevitable increase of its clients the company decided to modify its name from an enterprises to a corporation called PLATINUM POWER POLES CORPORATION (PPPC).

PPPC would still continue to pursue its vision for excellence in steel poles industry and carry on its ultimate mission. Indeed, as the company is ready to face the challenges ahead, they are ready to meet their challenges ahead, they are ready to meet their challenges head on, equipped with competent people, excellent and high quality products, reliable services, competitive pricing and a Corporate Philosophy of Complete Customer satisfaction.

PPPC is fully capable of providing all requirements of all customers. It’s a COMMITMENT!

  Vision | Mission


A socially responsible Filipino Company striving for excellence to be the leading SUPPLIER of high quality and affordable steel poles in the Philippines.


In order to attain our company vision, emphasize on serving the customers and potential clients is our priority.

It is Platinum Power Poles Corporation culture to ensure customer satisfaction by conducting our business with integrity.

Continuous improvement in our service through enhancement of our employees potentials and talens will always be practiced in order to become more efficient and effective in satisfying our customers’ needs by achieving excellence through quality.

Maximization of potentials in every aspect of the business its our way of ensuring that the best possible service will be given to our customers and at the same time further enhance our shareholders’ interests and value in our contribution to nation building.